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While Idea shall make all reasonable efforts to update or correct any information that appears on the Internet or on this website, we do not make any representation or warranty in relation to or in any way guarantee the accuracy of information on the website at any given time. We would not be responsible for any misinformation, inconvenience loss or financial or other damage caused to you due to the use of this website. Information is supplied upon the condition that the persons receiving the same will make their own determination as to its suitability for their purposes prior to its use or in connection with the making of any decision. Any use of this website or the information available on this website is at your own risk. Neither Vodafone Idea Limited [(formerly Idea Cellular Limited) An Aditya Birla Group & Vodafone partnership] , their affiliates nor their officers..., nor their officers, employees or agents shall be liable for any loss, damage or expense arising out of any access to, use of, or reliance upon, this website or the Information on this website, or any website linked to this website.


In your use of the website, you may enter into correspondence with, purchase goods and/or services from, or participate in promotions of advertisers or members or sponsors of the website. Unless otherwise stated, any such correspondence, advertisement, purchase or promotion, including the delivery of and the payment for goods and/or services, and any other terms, conditions, warranty or representation associated with such correspondence, purchase or promotion, is solely between you and the concerned third party and the contract so entered into is strictly a bipartite contract. While Idea shall take all reasonable care in arranging for such third parties, Idea does not guarantee or otherwise assure quality or timeliness of the services or performance otherwise of/by any such third party. We do not guarantee that the third parties will perform any of the transactions entered into on this site. You agree that Idea has no liability, obligation or responsibility whatsoever for any such correspondence, purchase or promotion between you and any such third party. You shall independently agree upon the manner and terms and conditions of delivery, payment, insurance etc. with the other registered Users/third parties that you transact with.


The service is accessed via the World Wide Web which is independent of ideacellular.com and Idea. Your use of the World Wide Web is solely at your own risk and subject to all applicable national and international laws, rules and regulations. Idea will have no responsibility for any information or service obtained by you on the World Wide Web.


This website may be linked to other websites on the World Wide Web that are not under the control of or maintained by Idea. Such links do not indicate any responsibility or endorsement on our part for the concerned external website, its contents or the links displayed on it. These links are provided only as a convenience, in order to help you find relevant websites, services and/or products that may be of interest to you, quickly and easily. It is your responsibility to decide whether any services and/or products available through any of these websites are suitable for your purposes. Idea informs you that it is not responsible for any transactional errors, misinformation and frauds taking place on those sites.


Idea excludes all liability to the fullest extent permissible by law whether in contract, tort (including liability for negligence) or otherwise for the accuracy, suitability, quality or completeness of any information and the value and integrity of goods and services offered over ideacellular.com. You acknowledge and agree that we have no control over and that we exclude all liability for any material on the world wide web, which can be accessed by using ideacellular.com


Access to ideacellular.com shall be restricted. Only users with login passwords can access ideacellular.com. The user identity shall be provided by Idea while the user shall define the login password, which shall be encrypted and stored on the ideacellular.com server. We strongly recommend that the password be retained confidential. The password is an authentication tool and we recommend that each User periodically changes the password.


In a few areas of ideacellular.com we may ask you to provide personal information This allows us to provide and inform you of the latest services and features that most likely meet your needs, and to customize our Site to make your experience safer and easier. Importantly, we only collect personal information about you that we consider necessary for achieving this purpose. You agree that the personal information will be used in accordance with our T&C.


We may collect certain non-personally identifiable information about our visitors when you visit many of our Web pages such as the type of browser you are using (e.g., Netscape, Internet Explorer), the type of operating system you are using, (e.g., Windows XP or Mac OS) and the domain name of your Internet service provider (e.g., Data Infosys Limited, Tata Indicom ).We use the non-personally identifiable information that we collect to improve the design and content of our service pages and to enable us to personalize your Internet experience. We also may use this information in the aggregate to analyze service usage.


The website, ideacellular.com is a secure website and Idea will take all reasonable steps to maintain ideacellular.com as a secure website. However even secure websites are susceptible to infiltration and/or corruption. There are a number of transactional facilities on ideacellular.com, wherein you can pay your bills, or get certain services activated by paying the requisite amount online. Idea would not in any way be responsible for any damage or loss caused to you as a result of financial transaction on the website. Idea would also not be responsible or liable in any manner if your credit card / net banking is misused / used fraudulently. Idea would not responsible or liable in any manner for any error or defects that may exist or for any costs, loss of profits or consequential losses that may arise from your use of or inability to use, or access or a failure, suspension or withdrawal of all or part of the facilities at any time. Idea accepts no liability or responsibility for loss of data or breach of confidentiality or other consequences howsoever occurring.


In case there has to be a reversal of money paid online, it would be entirely dependent on the payment gateway's terms and conditions and Idea would not be responsible or liable in any manner for quick reversal or for expediting the process.


While Idea shall use all reasonable care to maintain ideacellular.com in a fully operating condition it is not responsible for the results of any defects that may exist in the website. No warranties are given that ideacellular.com or its content is error free or that it will be suitable for the particular purpose that you have in mind when using it. Idea does not accept responsibility for any defects that may exist or for any costs, loss of profits, loss of data, or consequential losses arising from your use of, or inability to use or access or a failure, suspension or withdrawal of all or part of the service at any time. It is a condition of Idea for allowing you access to the information on ideacellular.com that you accept that Idea will not be liable for any action you take relying on the information on ideacellular.com. If your use of materials or information from ideacellular.com results in the need for servicing, repair or correction of equipment or data or you assume any costs relating to the above, we would not be liable for the same.


Idea does not routinely monitor your postings to the website but reserves the right to do so. In our efforts to promote good citizenship within the Internet community, if we becomes aware of inappropriate use of the website or any of its Services, Idea will respond in any way that, in its sole discretion, it deems appropriate. You are prohibited from probing / testing / violating the security of ideacellular.com or attempting to including, without limitation (i) accessing data not intended for you or logging into a service or account which you are not authorized to access, (ii) attempting to probe, scan or test the vulnerability of a system or network or to breach security or authentication measurers, (iii) attempting to interfere with service to any user, host or network including, without limitation, via means of submitting a virus or "trojan horse", overloading, "flooding", "mail bombing" or "crashing" or (iv) sending unsolicited electronic mail including, promotions and / or advertising of products or services.


You accept and agree that Idea may suspend or vary the whole or any part of the service offered on ideacellular.com for any reason, at any time at its sole discretion without prior notice. Idea hereby reserves the right to make subsequent changes to, ideacellular.com or its content and services may be modified, supplemented or withdrawn.


You accept and agree that Idea reserves the right to vary, amend or alter the terms and conditions of this contract from time to time as maybe considered appropriate. Such variations will be deemed effective and in force immediately upon posting of the varied Legal Statement on ideacellular.com. By continuing to use ideacellular.com, after the change in T&C, it would be deemed that you agree and accept such variation.


Idea, to the fullest extent permitted by law, disclaims all warranties and liability. Recognizing the special circumstances relating to ideacellular.com you agree to waive as against Idea, its affiliates, officers and employees, to the fullest extent permissible by law, any claims including for loss of business howsoever arising from or relating to the use of ideacellular.com. Without prejudice to the above Idea's maximum liability, if any, is restricted to the transaction fees paid to Idea by you in respect of the relevant service.

  • Before an online recharge, kindly visit the Online tariff section for a detailed description.
  • Dear Subscribers, kindly do not respond to missed calls from unknown international numbers or calls about winning prizes or lottery.
  • Deactivation of Data Service: You can deactivate data services from your data default plan by sending an SMS “STOP” to 1925, or dial 1925 and then press 2.
  • Reactivation of Data Service: You can reactivate data services if you have deactivated the data services earlier, by sending an SMS “START” to 1925, or dial 1925 and then press 1.
  • Deactivation of Value Added Service (VAS): To cancel a VAS subscription, SMS "STOP" to 155223 (toll free) and select the service you wish to deactivate OR Dial 155223 (toll free) and select the service you wish to deactivate.
  • Inclusive of applicable taxes. GST : 18% on applicable values.
  • Advisory Note for Idea Customer on WannaCry Ransomware
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