Field Force Automation Solution

Idea Field Automation (FFA) is a mobile CRM Tool that helps to speed up and streamline all phases of business from prospecting, lead management, sales tracking, stock, services and order management.

Key Advantages to Enteprises

  • Pay as use model
  • Work while on the move
  • Field staff empowement
  • Incresed efficiency & productivity
  • Faster customer Response
  • Improved decision making

Key Features

  • Idea offers following business feature which are beneficial to Enterprises

  • Solution offered on cloud based architecture, thereby reducing any CAPEX investments.
  • Solution Available on both GPRS and USSD channels.
  • SMS and email alert management module
  • Integration with Enterprise CRM/ERP through API's.
  • Web based reporting module.

Typical Use Cases

  • Sales order management
  • Collection agencies
  • Customer servicing
  • Senior management , CXO etc

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