Testimonials - Our Employee Speaks


Mr Piyush Aren, Assistant Manager, HR - !YLP 2012

The thing that I liked the most about Vodafone Idea Limited is the open culture. The continuous help and assistance that I was provided with by my mentor was a great motivation. Personally, I think Vodafone Idea Limited gives a lot of freedom to the employees to achieve organizational success and that is an immense motivation

Mr Binit Agarwalla

Mr Binit Agarwalla, Senior Manager, Marketing, !YLP 2008

Idea is by far the Best Place to be in. People perform best when management provides sincere support and has complete trust on their employees. It is this conducive environment which is prerequisite for inspiring employees to sow the seed of small or great innovation to happen. Every individual is committed to doing his/her best to contribute to growth of the business. Our cross functional teams have helped in giving shape and life to all our requirements and innovative dreams. With their support, we were inspired to launch innovative products in this industry, where differentiation is difficult. This has helped us take the business to next level. I am proud to be a part of this family, which is writing history every day. I am enjoying every bit of my time spent here

Mr Pranay Thaker

Mr Pranay Thaker, Assistant General Manager, Network Services

Getting Idea Champion’s Award after going through rigorous process of interview from circle CMT team to corporate CXO’s team was quite rewarding. It has given me an opportunity to feel recognized & be a source of inspiration to my colleges. The preparation of awards and the process for evaluation was very demanding in terms of conveying the contribution to senior management. This award has inspired me to sustain enthusiasm & further my zeal to work towards organizational goals I feel such practices are quite important to connect with the employees to recognize their contribution made on fields and Idea as an organization is capable enough to motivate this factor.

Mr Om Kumar Jha

Mr Om Kumar Jha, Manager, Strategy and Planning - !YLP 2009

Idea's young leader program is Idea’s strategy to thrive on chaos, being in an industry which is dynamic, competitive and regulated the company strategized to create a cross functional pool of talented young guns. The fashion in which !YLP participants are hired, trained and put on work equips them to breed out of box solutions and identification of avenues for gaining competitive advantage in their sphere of work which usually is not limited. The roles are often magnified to permeate across functional boundaries and nurture the talent leading to mutual benefits

Ms Tapaswini Mallick

Ms Tapaswini Mallick, Assistant Manager, HR - !YLP 2012

Idea has so far provided me immense learning opportunity in terms of the type of challenging projects I have got both during my CFT and in my ‘On the Job’ training period. Seniors have been always approachable and have constantly provided me support and guidance whenever I needed. The culture over here is very dynamic and people friendly. I am very proud to be a part of the Idea Family.